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Jo has been passionate about creative cooking for as long as she can remember. Having spent over 20 years creating bespoke wedding and celebration cakes she was inspired by her love of preserving to create Jammy Jo's, her boutique jam and preserve brand. To make the best preserves, you need the best ingredients so locally sourced fruits of the highest quality are handpicked and used in her recipes the same day, capturing the elusive fragrance and flavour of fresh fruit. The citrus fruits in her marmalades and curds have to come from further afield but she is delighted to use organic Ave Maria Seville Oranges in her award winning marmalade.  As an artisan producer of marmalades, jams, jellies and curds, the preserves are all handmade by Jo in the old fashioned way - in small batches, bubbling away in traditional preserving pans so they smell and taste divine.

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QWhat is the difference between a jam and a preserve?

A:  In order to be called a "jam", fruit and sugar are cooked together and when the water in the fruit has boiled away, you should be left with at least 60% sugar content which is what preserves the fruit.  Many commercial jams only contain the legal requirement of 32% fruit. In Jammy Jo's jams you will often find double this quantity giving you a much fruitier taste.  Whilst there is no strict definition of a preserve, we like to use it to encompass the jellies, marmalades and fruit curds that we make.

QSo what is a jelly?

A:  A jelly is a cooked mixture of fruit and sugar which has been strained to give a clear liquid so no pieces of fruit remain.

QHow about marmalade?

A:  Marmalade is a cooked mixture of fruit (mostly citrus) and sugar.  The whole of the fruit is used in marmalade making but as  the peel is so tough, it needs long, slow cooking before the sugar is added.

QWhat are curds?

A:  Curds are a mixture of fruit juice (usually citrus) or smooth fruit pulp gently cooked with sugar, butter and eggs.  The use of eggs means that the curds need to be kept in the fridge and have a shorter shelf life so should be enjoyed soon after making.

Q:  Do you use artificial additives?

A:  Absolutely not! We believe that the natural fruit flavour should be the star in all of our products.  With certain fruits (such as strawberry or rhubarb), it may be necessary to add pectin to help them set but pectin is a naturally occurring substance present in the membranes of many fruits. We do not add any artificial colourings or flavourings.

Q:  What about your packaging?

A:  We insist on using UK sourced glass jars to present our products and if you purchase these at our events, they will be wrapped in tissue paper and a heavy duty paper carrier bag, both of which are made from recycled paper.  If your purchase is made from our online shop, your jars will be wrapped in tissue and a corregated cardboard sleeve before being shipped in card boxes, which again have been sourced from recycled products. Our packaging is kept to a minimum whilst still protecting your purchases.


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